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Der eigentliche Wert der Schönheit liegt in der positiven Beziehung zum eigenen Körper.

Aesthetic surgery and anti-ageing treatments

The quest for eternal youth and beauty is as old as mankind. People have always used tinctures and tried secret recipes to stay young and ward off the signs of ageing. In many cases, however, these attempts have had the opposite effect.

Despite the development of state-of-the-art medical procedures, it is still neither possible nor desirable to stop the ageing process. But what we can do in aesthetic surgery is to hide the unfavourable signs of ageing or make them less visible.

Still, the true value of beauty is reflected primarily in the positive image we have of our own body. Building a complex network of interaction, beauty increases our self-esteem, enhances our joy of living, earns us appreciation and has a positive impact on our relationship with others.