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Facial skin tightening (facelift) is a complex surgery. It must be planned and performed with utmost care and precision to avoid an unnatural-looking appearance.

Tightening facial skin (facelift) and/or neck skin (necklift)

Face and necklifts may require extensive, complex surgery depending on the degree of correction desired. During the procedure, not only the facial skin, but primarily the underlying connective tissue layer (the so-called SMAS = superficial muscular aponeurotic system) needs to be tightened to achieve a lasting improvement. This reduces facial wrinkles and rejuvenates your appearance. Any mask-like, artificial look should be avoided. Obviously, the outcome of the surgery not only depends on the skills and expertise of the surgeon, but also on the patient’s specific tissue properties.

Surgical incisions are made in inconspicuous skin areas to avoid visible scarring.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic or twilight sedation. Depending on the degree of correction, it may take up to two hours per side. Post-operative monitoring can take place on an inpatient basis or according to a monitoring schedule tailored to your specific needs.

The suture material is usually removed five to seven days after the operation, but it usually takes a total of two weeks until the common side effects of surgery (bruising, swelling) have completely disappeared. During this period, you should not engage in strenuous activities. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for a few weeks. You can resume sports activities about three weeks after surgery.