Aesthetic plastic surgery

Today, aesthetic surgery is a recognized interdisciplinary specialty of modern medicine.

Aesthetic plastic surgery

Signs of ageing or other aesthetic impairments can be improved by aesthetic plastic surgery. Today, aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery is a recognized interdisciplinary specialty of modern medicine. A growing number of men and women seek ‘cosmetic’ surgery to get rid of congenital or acquired flaws and imperfections.

Patients considering aesthetic/cosmetic surgery mustn’t forget, however, that cosmetic face and body surgery will not repair a ruined marriage or boost their career. Still, it may have a positive impact on their self-perception and self-confidence.

Aesthetic surgery, more than many other medical disciplines, must often walk a tightrope between what is surgically reasonable and possible and what patients expect to be the outcome of the procedure. This means that patients must be informed on a case-by-case basis about the possibilities and limitations of aesthetic surgery. Surgical skill alone doesn’t make a good plastic surgeon. He or she must also be able to mitigate illusions or exaggerated expectations and scale them back to a realistic level. If this proves impossible, a good plastic surgeon will decline to do the surgery.

If you consider aesthetic plastic surgery, please keep in mind that no operation can be performed with zero risk. Moreover, the surgical procedures are anything but cheap. This is because, in most cases, health insurers do not pay for the costs incurred. Anyone wishing to invest in their appearance should contact professional medical societies to find an experienced surgeon. Patients should always receive extensive medical advice and detailed information about the costs associated with the surgery.

As we have worked for a number of years as senior physicians at both of Munich’s university hospitals, acquired additional qualification to perform plastic surgery, completed advanced training programmes in the United States and – not least of all – perform facial surgery every day, we possess a high level of surgical experience and expertise.

We carry out advisory and diagnostic consultations, as well as surgery and after-care, on a personal basis. Our treatment philosophy focuses on a close personal relationship with our patients. We cater for your specific needs and requirements. Because your face matters! Our objective is to help you highlight your individual character.

Aesthetic surgery and anti-ageing treatments

The quest for eternal youth and beauty is as old as time. People have always used tinctures and tried secret recipes to stay young and ward off the signs of ageing. In many cases, however, these attempts have had the opposite effect.

Despite the development of state-of-the-art medical procedures, it is still neither possible nor desirable to stop the ageing process. But what we can do in aesthetic surgery is to hide the unwelcome signs of ageing or make them less visible.

Still, the true value of beauty is reflected primarily in the positive image we have of our own body. Building a complex network of interaction, beauty increases our self-esteem, enhances our joy of living, earns us appreciation and has a positive impact on our relationship with others.