Chin correction

A chin correction changes the entire facial profile.

Chin correction

The shape of your chin plays a major role in the appearance of your facial profile. A protruding chin, for instance, is considered a masculine feature, while a receding chin is thought to make the face more feminine.

Given that the upper and lower jaw are correctly aligned, the facial profile can be enhanced through an isolated correction of the chin bone position in order to provide a harmonious balance to your specific facial features. In most cases, chin correction surgery is performed for aesthetic reasons.

After having mobilized the chin it can be moved in all dimensions. The chin can thus be positioned in proportion to your other facial contours, i.e. it can be moved forward to correct a receding chin or backward to reduce a jutting chin. The chin is then fixed in the desired position by using biocompatible titanium miniplates. Please click here for an animation of the procedure.

Incisions are made inside the oral cavity, avoiding any visible scars. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic on a day-care basis or during a short inpatient stay, depending on your specific situation and requirements. Regular follow-up care will be provided by us personally.

We would be pleased to develop a personalized treatment tailored to your specific needs.

example for chin reduction

example for chin augmentation refinement/improvement of the bone contour