Asian double eye lift

Asian double eye lift

The patient’s desire to undergo a double eyelid surgery may have functional as well as aesthetic reasons. From an aesthetic point of view patients wish for an eye that appears rounder and wider. Functional aspects include corneal irritation from eyelash inversion, ptosis, or pseudoptosis.

The essential difference between the Asian and the European eye form is the eyelid which has specific anatomic characteristics. The knowledge of such specific anatomy is crucial for the operative outcome.

The asian eyelid is characterized by a smaller or missing supratarsal crease, also known as „double eyelid“, as well as a different organization of the fat pat and the presence of an epicanthal fold.

In more detail, a lower point of fusion between the levator aponeurosis of the levator muscle and the orbital septum allows for further inferior descent of the fat pat which has in general a greater quantity.

As part of the procedure, the fatty tissue can be reduced and the levator aponeurosis lengthened according to individual planning.

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